P.E.T Bottles

P.E.T bottles are the preferred plastic container for all beverages including carbonated and still and a number of other packaged products.

P.E.T bottles are made by injection stretch blow moulding of P.E.T polymer chips. These are blown into a preform from which they are then stretch blown into the P.E.T bottle shape required. This provides the customer with a plastic bottle of outstanding quality and shape with the key benefits being:

  • Outstanding quality - highly transparent with superb aesthetics
  • Aesthetically superior to other plastic packaging because of their transparency
  • High Purity - no by products migrate from the plastic into the contents of the bottle to affect taste
  • Lightweight - can be up to ten times lighter than the equivalent size glass bottle which means that they are easier to handle and because of the much lighter weight provide significant potential freight savings
  • Unbreakable - unlike glass they cannot smash, shatter or chip providing greatly improved safety and ease of handling
  • Have good barrier properties
  • Recyclable

PLA Bottles

PLA is an exciting new resin offering an alternative to P.E.T and looks like its rival.

PLA (Polymerised lactic acid) presently is derived primarily from harvested corn which is then broken down to isolate corn sugar (dextrose). The dextrose is then processed into the end product which is PLA resin from which bottles are blown.

PLA bottles are mainly used for bottled water and juice.


TSL Plastics Ltd is the largest privately New Zealand owned P.E.T bottle manufacturer in New Zealand.

Being privately owned allows our customers the benefit of receiving personal service and quick decision making, important in today's fast paced business environment. We welcome all enquiries from businesses or individuals looking for quality P.E.T bottles and personal service. 


Our Profile

  • Privately owned P.E.T and PLA bottle manufacturer based in Auckland
  • Been in operation for almost 30 years – company started in 1986.
  • Being privately owned allows us the flexibility to focus totally on our customers requirements with personal assistance and prompt decisions.
  • Able to offer customers smaller  production runs and a quicker response time.
  • Have highly trained staff with extensive experience in P.E.T/PLA bottle manufacturing.
  • Have a sister company, Bevpac NZ Ltd, who are a major soft drink, juice, water and alcohol filling company.
  • Specialise in providing quality P.E.T and PLA bottles for carbonated beverages, juice, water and alcoholic drinks.
  • Able to assist customers with their own proprietary bottle design requirements.
  • Able to offer PLA bottles.
  • Developed the first P.E.T flask for spirits which has evolved into an extended range of bottles specifically for the spirits sector.
  • In 2007 we manufactured the first PLA bottle in New Zealand.